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Clicks N Code has firmly established itself as a versatile player in the world of digital solutions, having worked directly with a diverse range of clients across several industries. Our portfolio is broad and specialized from Manufacturing to AI, Real Estate, Education, and the Health & Wellness sector.

Beyond direct client interactions, our collaborative spirit shines through when we assist other agencies, especially those serving clients in the cutting-edge high-tech sector. This collaborative approach underlines our commitment to a more interconnected and cohesive digital world.

Our undeniable expertise in Salesforce is at the heart of our service offerings. We are proficient in Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Experience Cloud. These specialized services enable our clients to drive growth, enhance customer service, and create unparalleled user experiences.

Image by charlesdeluvio
Image by Christopher Gower

But our capabilities don’t just end with Salesforce. We also excel in data services, offering actionable insights to businesses. Furthermore, our custom development services stand out, both within the Salesforce ecosystem and beyond, ensuring that bespoke digital solutions are always within reach for our clients.

Finally, at Clicks N Code, we prioritize transparency and fairness. Our structure is a testament to this ethos, promising fairness, honesty, and flexibility to every client, regardless of size or industry.



YOU are so great to work with.  Very clear, very responsive and great suggestions!  I wish I’d met you years ago!

- Kristin C, COO

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