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Ready to power-up your Salesforce capabilities? Clicks N Code is your go-to for expert Salesforce Consulting, Development, Administration, and Architecture services. We will help you implement projects, conduct system audits, and provide full-time or fractional support you need to maximize your Salesforce potential.


At Clicks N Code, we specialize in Salesforce Consulting, Development, Administration, and Architecture. We are committed to our clients and providing them with the best level of service. Founded in 2020 by Justin Fleming, a web developer turned Salesforce Certified expert, we have the skills and expertise to meet any of your Salesforce needs. With years of experience working across Salesforce orgs, from small Admin roles to Architect in 6k+ user enterprises, Justin is more than qualified to take on any challenge and lead the team. He also boasts senior leadership skills, overseeing comprehensive business systems.

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