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Salesforce Development

Building customized solutions, integrations, and applications using Apex, Visualforce, Lightning components to extend platform capabilities and meet specific business needs.

Salesforce Administration

Managing, customizing, and configuring the platform to align with business processes, ensuring user adoption, data quality, and security.

Salesforce Architecture

Review and Designing platform components for optimal performance, scalability, integration; covering data, security, applications, user interfaces, and system interactions.

System Integration

Merging disparate systems using standard connectors, custom integrations, integration tools, and custom middleware to achieve unified, cohesive functionality.

Process Improvment

Analyzing current workflows, identifying inefficiencies, implementing changes, and utilizing best practices to enhance productivity and optimize operational outcomes.

Project Management

Planning, executing, and closing projects by coordinating tasks, managing resources, mitigating risks, and ensuring timely delivery to meet objectives.


Analyzing, reviewing, and cleansing Salesforce data; structuring data models; creating reports and dashboards; and overseeing migrations for enhanced decision-making.

Salesforce Audit

Reviewing access, code, configurations, and security; ensuring best practices, optimal performance, and conducting health checks.

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